Thursday, September 25, 2008

Setting audible alert in Outlook 2003 when new email arrives

To set a sound to play when an email arrives in Outlook, use the following:

Tools Menu, then Options.

Outlook Options Menu Item

On the Preferences tab, click the E-mail Options… button:

Outlook E-Mail Options

Click Advanced E-mail Options and make sure the Play a sound item is ticked:

Outlook Advanced E-mail Options

Click OK, OK, OK.

If you still don't get a sound played when an email arrives, then you need to check the Windows Sounds configuration.

To do this on Windows XP, click the Start Menu and then select Control Panel. Find the option called Sounds and Audio Devices. Double-click to open the applet.

Find the Sounds tab, and scroll through the Program events list until you find the item New Mail Notification.

Sounds and Audio Device Properties

If the New Mail Notification doesn't have the speaker icon next to it (as shown), then you'll need to click Browse and choose a file. The file that you probably want is C:\WINDOWS\Media\Windows XP Notify.wav

Click OK, then OK again and either send yourself an email or wait for someone else to send one. This does assume of course that your computer is able to play sounds.

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