Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mobile Phone Blues

So work has been pretty busy lately, and of course in the middle of the month I needed to take a couple of weeks leave for the birth of my son. To ensure that things could go as smoothly as they could at work, I requested a mobile phone from work to ensure I could be contacted.

Of course, nothing goes smoothly with this sort of thing. The phone wasn't available before I left work, so it was sent by courier to my home. I wasn't home when the courier arrived, so I was left a kind little note advising me who to ring to arrange a pickup. The pickup place wasn't open over the rest of the weekend so it had to wait and I eventually got it a couple of days later.

After two weeks, I did think it was a little strange that I hadn't received any phone calls. Initially I thought my team were just being considerate but it turns out that the phone hadn't been enabled to work on the Telecom network. I had literally been carrying around an electronic brick for the whole time.

I've been back at work nearly a week now, and advised the corporate team as soon as I returned and realised there was a problem. Any bets as to when it will eventually be working?

1 comment:

Stephen said...

Congratulations, I am really excited for you and your new family :D

... and the phone will never work, they will have to give you a new one, which will happen in early 2007 ^^;;;