Friday, March 14, 2008

Error Opening Reporting Services Project from Source Control

Today, when trying to open a Reporting Services project in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, we received the error message:

Project item '4294967294' does not represent a file.

I googled for a solution, and found this post. One of the comments to this post states that checking out all the solution files fixed the problem. After carefully examining the files in source control, I'm pretty sure that the problem was caused by one of the developers checking in their *.user file for the project.

These types of files are user specific and so should never be checked into source control. You can delete them if they have been with no ill effects, as Visual Studio will automatically create them next time you open the project.

In this particular case, without checking out/deleting the *.user file, I would never have been able to rebind the project to source control.


jt said...

I ran into the same problem today. A colleague worked on a solution, which I carried on with. Since we use VPC's, I just copied her's and logged onto the VPC with my domain account. I received this exact error message when opening the solution. It is a VS2005 solution with a reporting services project in it. Turns out I needed to be in the local admins group. I logged onto the VPC as local admin and added our dev global group to the local admin group,logged in as me again and everything worked. I assume Visual Studio requires admin rights but is not clever enough to give appropriate feedback when it doesn't have.

J.P> said...

Deleting the .user file worked for me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Delete the .rptproj.user file worked for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Anonymous said...

Removed user file... jobsagooden!