Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm a Midnight Coder

Here I am, a little after midnight, at work, tired, and possibly going to be just a wee bit irritable tomorrow. Why am I here? To make sure the first deployment on my watch goes smoothly (and to learn the ropes).

Looking at the clock and counting down the minutes until we can roll the new code, I'm reminded that all you New Zealanders should make sure that you have dutifully upgraded your computers for the new daylight savings changes.

If you are running Vista, XP (SP2) or Server 2003 then you probably will have already got KB933360 via Automatic Update by now. If you are still running Windows 2000 then Microsoft has forgotten you exist... Luckily the kind folks at IntelliAdmin have made life a little easier with a freeware download that'll make the required changes.

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